What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Jan 01, 2021

A dental emergency is any dental issue that can’t be put off till the next day. It requires emergency dentistry services near you. While it would be nice if dental emergencies at least gave a warning, this is not the case. You might just be driving your car, then boom! You hit a tree and lose all your teeth.

A lot of people aren’t able to tell if their issue is urgent or non-urgent, so most times, people end up not receiving treatment for dental emergencies. Consequently, their issues worsen and require even more extensive and expensive treatment.

What is considered a dental emergency? This article gives you all the answers.

1. Severe Toothache

If you have a mild toothache, there is no reason to seek urgent dental care. You can manage the pain at home but make it a point to see your dentist soon. However, a severe and persistent toothache should be a cause for alarm. Usually, these kinds of toothaches are an indication of a more serious underlying issues.

After calling your emergency dentist in West Lake and informing them, you can perform some basic first aid before going in to meet your dentist. Begin by rinsing your mouth using warm water. If there is any food debris lodged between the teeth, use floss to remove them. In case of swelling, a cold compress can be applied to the affected part to bring it down.

You could also purchase over-the-counter pain relievers to help ease the pain. Just ensure you do not place these medications near the affected tooth.

2. Chipped Teeth

This could result from trauma to the mouth or accidents. If this happens to you, pick up any remaining pieces, then rinse your mouth with warm water to remove any broken pieces that could still be inside.

In case of bleeding, put gauze on the affected area and wait till a blood clot forms. For swelling and pain, apply a pack of ice wrapped in a clean cloth to that side of the mouth as you wait to see your dentist.

Treatment for chipped teeth depends on the severity of the damage. If the chip is small, the dentist near you may repair it using a dental filling. A large chip, on the other hand, requires more complex and lengthy procedures. For instance, the dentist may file down a portion of the remaining tooth before fitting a crown over it.

3. Knocked-out Tooth

Playing contact sports increases the chances of your teeth falling out. If your teeth fall out, there is no need to panic. First, call your dentist at Lux Dental Studio and tell them what happened. After that, try looking for the fallen tooth and hold it by the chewing surface if you find it.

If you can, try inserting it back into its socket and make sure it faces the right direction. If this proves impossible, do not force it in. since the goal is keeping the tooth moist until you reach the dentist, you could place it in a jar of milk or below your tongue. Just make sure you reach the dentist within an hour to increase your tooth’s fighting chance.

4. Stuck Objects

Sometimes, objects may get stuck between your teeth. The right thing to do is try to get them out using dental floss. Ensure you are gentle while at it. If this isn’t possible, you need to let your dentist know. Avoid using sharp objects to try and get stuck objects out as they could hurt your gums and tooth surface.

5. Abscess

An abscess manifests as a pimple on the gums. The pimple could be clear, whitish, or yellowish and usually signifies an infection of the tooth. Left untreated, the infection could spread to other body parts. If you suspect you have abscessed gums, the first action you should take is to call your dentist. You should then rinse your mouth using warm water and brush your teeth. Care should be taken not to pop the abscess as this could further complicate things.

6. Bleeding

Some people take bleeding in the mouth lightly, but this shouldn’t be the case. The presence of blood on your dental floss could signify an advanced stage of gum disease or oral cancer. If you experience this sign, it is time you let your dentist know. Book an appointment with our emergency dentist near you in Summerwood, Atascosita, Kingwood, Humble, Fall Creek, Channelview, and in the surrounding communities.