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Gentle Tooth Extraction in Houston, TX

If you have suffered from periodontal disease, a dental injury, or tooth damage, Dr. Newlin will always first attempt to save your natural tooth. We only remove teeth when there is no other reliable solution to preserve your oral health. But there are times when removal is necessary. So, we offer gentle extractions with the latest tools, techniques, and sedation dentistry methods. At Lux Dental Studio, we ensure that every tooth removal procedure is fast and comfortable.

Tooth Removal Basics

Problematic wisdom teeth are the leading cause of extractions at our Houston, TX, dental office. Luckily, modern root canal therapy is an effective remedy for many cases of oral infection and tooth damage. Advanced periodontal disease is also a common reason for tooth removal. Additionally, extractions help prepare for dentures, implants, and orthodontic treatment.

Do My Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

The final set of molars to erupt are the wisdom teeth. These back teeth generally emerge between 17–25 years of age. By this time, space is limited in the adult mouth. As a result, there is often not enough room to accommodate wisdom teeth. This condition can lead to bite issues, overcrowding, and impaction (failure to erupt correctly). Many Lux Dental Studio patients choose to have 1–4 of this last set of teeth removed to avoid these problems.

How to Recognize Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

When the third molars fail to erupt completely, this condition is called impaction. In these cases, infections are common because it is hard to clean impacted teeth. Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to swelling, pain, bleeding gums, and difficulty opening and closing your mouth. The only reliable solution to these mouth issues is extraction. So if you believe you have one or more impacted teeth, please call Lux Dental Studio. We will schedule an exam and consultation to figure out the best course of treatment.

Teeth Extractions Near YouWhether you have tooth damage or a problem with your wisdom teeth, Dr. Newlin is happy to help. Book an appointment to protect your oral health and hopefully preserve your tooth.

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