Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Houston, TX

Sensitivity to hot and cold foods, discolored enamel, and persistent pain are all symptoms of a nasty tooth infection. Mouth infections result when damaged tooth enamel exposes the inner pulp to bacteria. Without endodontic care, the diseased tooth will fall out eventually. Therefore, it is essential to address severe toothache immediately. Doing so may save the tooth and help you avoid more significant problems down the road. At Lux Dental Studio, Dr. Newlin can treat any tooth, anywhere in the oral cavity.

Root Canals for Front and Back Teeth

It is common for many Houston, TX, dentists to offer root canal therapy for only molars and premolars. However, Dr. Newlin is experienced and highly-skilled in endodontic treatments. So, he can save both anterior and posterior teeth. In fact, our ability to treat all teeth allows us to handle root canals in-house, without the need for outside referrals. That is just one way Lux Dental Studio provides the most convenient dental care.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

When a tooth infection reaches the inner pulp, your dentist in Houston, TX, may suggest root canal therapy. The process includes numbing, cleaning, and disinfecting the affected tooth. Dr. Newlin removes the entire diseased area using specialized tools. Then the hollow space is packed with filling material. The last step is to cap the weakened tooth with a permanent dental crown.

Endodontic Treatment in Houston, TX

Come to Lux Dental Studio for gentle care and sedation methods to keep patients at ease throughout the entire procedure. Keep in mind, many people who have undergone root canal therapy report the treatment was far less painful than the symptoms caused by the infection.

Reliable Restorative Dentistry Solutions

If you think you have an inner tooth infection and need root canal therapy, call Lux Dental Studio. We provide superior, compassionate dental care. With endodontic treatment, we prevent the spread of infection, end pain, and save natural teeth from extraction.

The sooner you seek treatment, the better. So, get in touch with Dr. Newlin today, or stop by our dental office in Houston, TX. Call us right away to book an appointment with our endodontist near you

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