Dental Exams & Cleaning

Dental Hygiene & Cleaning in Houston, TX

Regular teeth cleanings and exams are critical to not only your mouth health but also your health overall. Keeping up with routine visits to Lux Dental Studio can help prevent:

  • Cavities
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Foul breath
  • Heart attack
  • Low birth weight or premature birth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Stroke
  • And more!

So, come to us every six months! Schedule your bi-annual appointments today. Our hygienists and Dr. Newlin use professional-grade brushes and tools to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup. Simply brushing and flossing does not remove all traces of these harmful substances. Let our experienced team help you maintain optimal oral health.

Reverse Decay with Professional Fluoride Treatments

In the early stages, decay can breakdown and soften tooth enamel. If these compromised areas go untreated, cavities can develop. Fortunately, your Houston dentist can apply topical fluoride to help strengthen and rebuild the outer shell. As a result, you will avoid cavities and costly restorative dental treatments over time.

Prevent Periodontal Disease at Lux Dental Studio

In the U.S., gum disease is a widespread problem. About 50 percent of the adult population is affected by it. When bacteria sit on surfaces within the oral cavity, it attacks enamel, soft tissues, and the underlying bone. At first, you may experience bleeding gums with your brush and floss. Teeth sensitivity, bad breath, and gum inflammation are a few other symptoms of gingivitis. Gum disease can be stopped and reversed in the beginning stage. However, without proper oral hygiene habits and routine cleanings, the condition is likely to worsen into periodontal disease. Then we manage the symptoms, but there is no way to cure the problem. We provide periodontal care in Houston, TX, such as root planing and scaling (deep cleanings) and antibiotics.

Preventive Dentistry in Houston, TX

At the Houston, TX, dental office of Dr. Newlin, we treat every patient like family. Therefore, we only suggest treatments when necessary. We always aim to deliver a comforting and communicative approach. The focus is on prevention and oral care education so you can make the best choices for you and your family. Give us a call now to book your next cleaning and dental health checkup.

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