Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

Dental crowns are one of the most common procedures that dentists perform. At Lux Dental Studio, we place crowns every day to repair all sorts of mouth issues. Despite how widespread this treatment is, it is also often misunderstood. Sometimes this lack of knowledge leads to fear.

Well, there is nothing to be intimidated by with a dental crown. The procedure is straightforward. Even more, a crown not only enhances the appearance of your smile, but it also helps restore proper mouth function. Contact Lux Dental Studio today to schedule a consultation. Find out how a dental crown will help improve your oral health.

Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

Have you ever wondered how dental crowns work? The fixed prosthetic is created to restore the size and shape of a damaged tooth. It is cemented permanently and surrounds the tooth structure above the gumline. Dr. Newlin may recommend a crown if you have a severely decayed, cracked, or otherwise injured tooth.

When are Tooth Crowns Used?

There are several reasons why dentists choose crowns. Once in place, the cap prevents a cracked or broken tooth from further breakage. It also strengthens and protects weak teeth or teeth with large dental fillings. Variations are used to support bridges.

Whenever a tooth has extensive damage or is misshape, a dental crown is often the best solution. Crown restorations restore the original shape, look, and alignment of a flawed tooth. So, it blends in seamlessly with your natural smile.

How Do Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth?

Tooth-colored crowns fit snugly over teeth, much like a thimble slides over a finger. They are custom-fitted to protect the underlying structure. When permanently affixed, a crown acts as a new layer of enamel, preventing the damaged tooth from breaking apart.

The resilient and durable materials allow crowns to withstand the intense chewing forces within the oral cavity. Think of a crown as a cap or cover that encases that top portion of a tooth. After Dr. Newlin completes the procedure, the dental crown becomes a part of the tooth. Call Lux Dental Studio to book your crown consultation.

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