Efficacy of Placement Plays an Important Role in Dental Sealant Application

Efficacy of Placement Plays an Important Role in Dental Sealant Application

Jun 01, 2021

Many people have questioned the effectiveness of dental sealants as a preventive measure against cavities. Dental sealants are recommended for children as a preventive procedure against cavities on their molars developing at six, 12, and 18. Molars have pits and fissures where food and plaque remain trapped to cause tooth decay and cavities. An application of dental sealants prevents the trapping of food and plaque by sealing the pits and fissures.

Perhaps the lack of knowledge about dental sealants is making people question the efficacy of this preventive measure. Dental sealants are merely an application of a thin coating painted on the teeth to protect them against cavities. Although the application appears relatively straightforward, the patients requesting dental sealants are challenging to handle unless you take them to the dentist near you who has experience managing children.

Why Must Children Have Dental Sealants on Their Molars?

Children are prone to tooth decay and cavities because they are not diligent with their dental hygiene. Furthermore, they frequently snack on sugary foods and beverages which remain on their molars where bacteria are waiting to feast on them.

Children with sealants receive protection against 80 percent of cavities for two years after applying dental sealants. The defense continues for four years against 50 percent of holes, and the sealants remain in the children’s mouths for up to a decade.

Children with dental sealants on their molars are adequately protected against cavities by dental sealants, which adds an extra barrier over their molars to prevent the bacteria in their mouths from penetrating their tooth enamel. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge among parents about dental sealants encourages them to take their kids to any dentist for the application instead of the tooth sealant dentist who has experience managing children adequately.

The effectiveness of dental sealants enhances significantly when they are applied on the child’s teeth by dental sealants in Houston, TX, an experienced pediatric dentist. General dentists also provide sealant applications but do not have the experience necessary to manage children appropriately during the application.

Children without dental sealants report lost school time because of tooth decay as it interferes with their sleeping, eating, and other regular activities. Besides preventing cavities, dental sealants ensure the child’s teeth remain intact. It is why dental sealants are incredibly essential on children’s molars soon after they emerge.

Are Dental Sealants Challenging to Apply?

Dental sealant in Houston, TX, application is straightforward and is completed in a few minutes. The procedure is painless and affordable compared to expensive dental treatments children may need if affected by cavities or tooth decay.

The primary cause for dental sealants failure is improper placement by dentists without experience and allowing salivary contamination. Children are not the most cooperative patients during any medical visits and may pose challenges by not listening to the dentist’s instructions. The possibilities of dental sealants failure because of inadequate sealant material used also remains high.

When applying dental sealants, the Houston dentist isolates the tooth to prevent saliva contamination. Children receive a dental cleaning to remove bacteria and debris before sealant placement. The targeted tooth is dried before applying an etching solution helping the sealant material to adhere to the tooth. The tooth is dried again, preparing it for sealant placement. Children must remain calm with their mouths open during the entire process lasting about 30 minutes or more, depending on how many teeth need the sealants.

After sealant placement, children are free to resume their regular activities, including eating and drinking, without any restrictions.

Caring for Dental Sealants

When placed by the Houston dentist, dental sealants last for nearly a decade, although they need replacements with time. Dentists recommend children visit them for cleanings and checkups, at which time the sealant placement is also checked. If required, the Houston dentist replaces the sealants to ensure children have protection in their mouths against cavities.

Besides the above, the dentist recommends children brush under supervision two times a day for two minutes each, floss their teeth at least once, limit or avoid frequently stacking on sugary foods and beverages. The care recommended by the dentist is sufficient for children to retain their dental sealants for their expected duration as a preventive measure against cavities. However, sealants need monitoring and maintenance during regular dental care visits to ensure they don’t wear off.

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